Stitch R-XP (Digital Download)

The Definitive Stitch Design Solution
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Stitch R-XP represents the culmination of our stitch design software developments as the leader in the field over many years. With Stitch R-XP we’ve retained the renowned user-friendliness, flexibility and power that stitchers expect from ILSoft products, but combined them with the latest innovations in software technology to produce a truly remarkable design package.

Stitch R-XP will allow you to quickly and easily create professional looking stitch charts using your home PC and printer. The software contains all of the advanced tools, editing features and functions necessary to create the very highest quality designs suitable for working in cross-stitch, tapestry, blackwork, hardanger and most other needlework styles.

If you wish, helpful wizards can lead you through the creation of amazing borders and beautiful sampler lettering. Others may prefer to design be hand. Which ever method you choose, there is in addition, a massive range of ready to use motifs and small designs included, so only very minimal drawing skills are needed to create stunning and effective results.

A popular method of chart design is to use a scanned picture or photograph from a digital camera, and
Stitch R-XP has a wide range of tools to instantly create charts in this way with colours matched to your
favourite stranded cotton or wool shade range.


  • Fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP™, Windows 2000™, Windows ME™, and Windows 98™
  • Easy to use and learn with friendly wizards to guide you through procedures
  • Templates for popular types of project give you a flying start – includes samplers, cards, card cut-outs etc.
  • Huge range of built-in standard stitch types including fractional stitch, beads, French knots, backstitch and even editable custom stitches & blackwork repeats
  • Drawing tools include cut, copy, paste, mirror, fill, flood, resize, rotate etc.
  • Box, magic wand and lasso freehand selection tools enable you to work on the exact area you require.
  • 19 brush styles reduce design time and inspire creativity.
  • Multiple level undo system – lets you step back stitch by stitch if you make a mistake.
  • 1000 x 1000 stitch design area – big enough for even the largest project
  • The largest up-to-date range of manufacturers thread and wool colours – updateable online as new ones become available. Most of the major thread manufacturers use and endorse our products and provide regular colour updates.
  • Amazingly realistic fabric simulations show how the finished stitched piece will appear
  • Up to 200 thread colours per design
  • Many palette manipulation options including sort by colour, sort by manufacturers number etc.
  • Create your own thread colour ranges – ideal for gathering together you favourite colours or simply the ones in your collection
  • Automatic sampler text drawing, backstitch outlining and print symbol allocation
  • Advanced R-XP image importing with direct scanning and image enhancement tools.
  • Over 4000 motifs and 300 blackwork fills included
  • Automatically add a key to your chart or on-chart text instructions
  • Add pictures into your chart – ideal for logos or stitch diagrams
  • Export your chart for import into other programs
  • Full thread and fabric usage reported for every design
  • Floating information panel provides chart details at a glance
  • Fully customisable toolbars allow you to have the tools you use most just a click away
  • Print in a wide range of different styles including colour blocks, black & white symbols and many styles of fabric simulation.
  • Extensive online help and support. Designing using Stitch R-XP Stitch R-XP provides three simple methods to create your perfect design
  • Individual stitches in real cotton, wool, bead and ribbon colours can be “clicked” into the grid to create a complete design. A huge range of drawing tools will help speed the process along. Design sections can be cut, copied, pasted, rotated and mirror imaged to make pattern repeats. Sampler text in different lettering styles can be added instantly. Lines and shapes can be quickly drawn and sections can be outlined with backstitch at the click of a button.
  • Stitch R-XP includes advanced image importing facilities allowing images such as scanned photographs, clip-art, digital camera pictures and internet graphics to be instantly converted into stitch charts, with colours matched to any chosen thread range and print symbols automatically allocated. It’s easy to make charts from almost any source using the built in wizard which leads you through each of the steps to turn your favourite picture into a ready to stitch design.
  • Access the range of more than 4000 individual motifs and small designs taken from our wide ranging motif library. A selection of motifs can be quickly arranged into a personal design in moments. Using Stitch R-XP’s built in wizards, it’s easy to add a stunning border or sampler text to give the design it’s finishing flourish. Alternatively get your project off to a flying start by selecting one of the many template projects. These provide a pre-designed chart that just needs your personalising touch to complete and be ready to stitch. The template library also includes templates for many of the popular sizes of mounting cards with apertures pre-set. Simply design within the indicated area on screen to get a perfect fit for your greeting card.

And there's more...

True to Life Thread Colours

Up to 200 colours can be used in a design selected from a huge range of many thousands representing the complete ranges of all the world’s major cotton, wool, bead and ribbon manufacturers. Because ILSOFT stitch products are used and endorsed by thread companies such as DMC and Coats Anchor and organisations such as The Cross Stitch Guild and The Royal School of Needlework, you can be sure that the colours are a precise match to those in the shops and that the final stitched piece will look just as you designed it. Colour matching and blending is easy so you can achieve spectacular and colourful results every time. From time to time new colours are released by the manufacturers – no problem – Stitch R-XP users can download new colours from our website when they become available.

Fully Customisable Design

Screen All of Stitch R-XP’s tool bars and colour palette can be moved, reshaped and adjusted to suit the way you work. Place regularly used buttons and stitch types close at hand for easy access, making all design work speedier and simpler. Useful rulers and the information panel give a constant indication of the size of your design in stitches, inches or cm and the number of thread colours it contains. A locator window provides a thumbnail view of the whole of the current project and a method of quickly moving around the huge 1000 x 1000 stitch design area.

Realistic Fabric Simulations

At any time, your design can be viewed or printed against an amazing realistic range of fabric simulations including Aida, linen or tapestry canvas. These allow you to see exactly how your design will look when worked on different colours and types of fabric.

Complete Materials Shopping List

A single click of the mouse allows you display a comprehensive range of information about the current design. The number of stitches in each colour that have been used, the thread lengths that will be needed, the size of the fabric required and even the number of 8m skeins needed are all included in the information report. Shopping for materials or creating stitch kits is easy when all the requirements are laid out on a single page.

Professional Quality Printed Charts

Stitch R-XP contains a vast range of print settings, scales sizes and styles ensuring that the printed stitch chart and key are exactly those required. Print in full vibrant colour or clear easy to follow black and white symbols or even combine the two styles for the best of both worlds.

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