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A Powerful, Easy To Use Bobbin Lace Design Tool
Works in English. Funciona en Español

Lace8 brings our line of Lace design products up to date with a brand new look and a brand new set of features to make designing lace patterns even easier. Using the latest in software innovation this new and improved lace programme provides flexibility, user-friendliness and power like never before.

Lace8 allows you to quickly and easily create designs for almost any type of lace from Torchon to Bucks and Beds and even free lace. The built in tools, templates, motifs and help system give you the start you need to easily produce fabulous, accurate and flexible designs.

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  • Fully compatible with Windows XP™, Windows 2000™, Windows ME™,Windows 98™, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1
  • Easy to master with an extensive built in help guide.
  • Add dots, gimps, tallys, leaves, roseground, spiders, text, fans, arrows and many more to your design.
  • Drawing tools include cut, copy, paste, mirror, fill, rotate etc.
  • Built in motif library.
  • Multiple layer work area to make Lace 8 even more user friendly.
  • Insert pictures into your design or place them behind the grid as a template.
  • Use any angle grid, corner grids, straight grids even circular polar grids.
  • Instantly convert your design between different grid angles.
  • Multiple level undo and redo system.
  • Extensive print options with full print preview.
  • Export your designs for import into other programs in PDF and bitmapped format.
  • Print or export at any angle or size to suit any thread.
  • Create professional looking designs.
  • Multiple designs can be open at any time - Cut and past between them.
  • Extensive online help and support.

New Feature: Print Preview!

Whats New In Lace8?

For those of you who currently use Lace R-XP or Lace 2000, here are a few of the amazing new features of Lace 8

  • Ribbon Bar Interface
    Lace8 features the brand new, polished and familiar Ribbon Bar Interface, similar to many of the Windows Office Suite applications.
  • Suports Multiple Open Designs to a Single Window
    The new look also supports a new feature allowing one window to have many designs tabbed beside each other for ease of access and efficiency, removing the need to clutter your computer with multiple instances of the same program.
  • Back-Up Warnings
    It can be frustrating when a small crash causes you to lose a lot of work, thats why Lace8 has a built in colour-warning system to give you an idea as to just how long you have been working without saving those important designs.
  • Multiple Fonts Per Design
    Lace R-XP only allowed a single font per design. Lace 8 allows you to use as many different fonts as you wish in a single design.
  • Cut and paste between designs
    Cut, copy and paste between multiple designs without having to open and close your designs.
  • Extensive undo and redo system
    Lace8 allows you to undo up to one hundred steps backwards but if you've realised you want some of that back, the redo system can restore up to one hundred steps of undo.
  • Bold Lines On Grids
    Lace 8 provides the option to separate the lines drawn onto grids into groups (like graph paper). Easily change the frequency of the bold lines or turn them on and off.
  • Themes and Custom Colours
    Select the way your program looks by choosing from a selection of colour schemes or by selecting your own colour.
  • Right Mouse Button Quick Menu
    Access the most common functions with a simple right mouse button click.
  • Easier Operations On Selected Items
    Once items are selected, no need to right click on their selected points to perform functions on them.
  • Bitmaps
    Option to add bitmap images to your design. Ideal to show photos of the finished piece or to allow an company logo to be included.
  • Export to bitmap formats
    Export your designs to a selection of standard bitmap formats. Keeps the exact size too!
  • Group Items
    2 or more items in your design can be grouped together to make one item which then acts as a single item. Great for repeats and motifs.
  • Text and Pictures in Motifs
    Motifs in Lace 8 can now include text and images.
  • Motifs Built In
    Complete motif library is now build into Lace 8 (Previously an additional purchase with Lace R-XP)
  • Print Preview
    Lace 8 printing now includes a comprehensive print preview so you can see exactly how your design will look before committing it to paper.
  • New Roseground Element
    A new design of roseground which more closely represents the standard symbol.
  • Twists
    Add 1 to 5 twist symbols to gimps and curves.
  • New Types of Arrows Heads
    5 designs of arrow heads are now available.

This is just a selection of the many many new features you'll find in Lace 8

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  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP or later. Compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual-Core 500MHz or higher
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 500MB
  • Graphics: 1280x768 colour or higher
  • Other: CD/DVD-ROM Drive